Awkward Conversation

A few days ago I went to see the doctor.  I’ve been having trouble with my rotator cuff in my right arm (longer story that is really irrelevant to this story).  I haven’t seen a doctor in a couple years so I needed to find a new primary care physician.  After asking around, I decided on a wonderful doc who has a great reputation.  I filled out the lengthy paperwork and brought it to his receptionist.  That is when the awkward moment began.

She asked me a battery of benign questions about my life and then asked, “Do you have a religious affiliation that you would like to declare?”  The question caught me off guard and I remembered that one person who recommended this doc to me told me that the doc was LDS.  In a split second, this is the thought process that went through my head, “Why do they need to know my religious affiliation?  So if I’m LDS I’ll get special treatment?  Does that mean if I’m not LDS I won’t get special treatment?  If I have a massive heart attack, what are they going to do, call my pastor?  I AM the pastor!  Declaring a religious affiliation has no upside and all down side for me.” 

I looked at the nice woman and said, “No affiliation.” 

The next question caught me even more off guard.  “Where do you work?” 

“Real Life Church” I said looking away. 

“And what do you do there?” she asked.

I pretended that there was no irony in room, looked her in the eye and said, “I am a pastor.” 

Dana Hicks