This is why I love Mark Winkelman

My good friend Mark Winkelman is a pastor in Middleton, Idaho and teaches at Caldwell High School.  Yesterday, Mark got an email from the maintanance staff at his school that read:

"Hi All,  A couple of our night custodians are currently in Mexico, so we will have subs until Jesus and Narcisa get back on the 17th.  Happy Holidays,  Brad"

Mark sent the following reply:

"How is it that you know JESUS will return on the 17th?? The BIBLE states that NO man shall know the TIME nor the PLACE of the return of MESSIAH. Oh, and by the way, there is no prophet NARCISA--I think you mean Elijah or Moses."

Theologically correct AND completely sarcastic.  That is why I love Mark Winkelman.

Dana Hicks