Years ago, I did a series of messages called, “Seasons of the Soul.”  It was about how our lives went through different seasons – from the joy of summer to the changes of fall, to the darkness of winter.

With the current cold snap that we in Idaho have been experiencing the last few weeks, I thought about the message on Winter*.  I told my congregation in sunny Tucson, Arizona:   

“There are words I naturally associate with winter.  Words like: death, ice, hypothermia, wind-chill, death, snow, shoveling snow, shoveling more snow, buying a snow blower, death, salt trucks, black ice, dead batteries, stuck cars, frost bite, gangrene, thermal underwear, ice-fishing, diminished mental capacity, seasonal affective disorder, recreational eating, and death. 

Some people claim that they love winter.  But how many people do you know that spend their working years living in Florida, retire, and move to Minot, North Dakota?

Intuitively, we know that Winter is evil - we know it.  We say things like, “I’ll do that when hell freezes over.”  We say things like this because we know deep in our bones that the ultimate in human suffering is hell and winter joined together.”

 For some reason, these words seem truer than usual today.

*I am sure that I borrowed this from someone but ten years later, I can’t remember to whom I should properly credit it.

Dana Hicks