Reflections on the 2015 Oscar Nominations

The 2015 Academy Award nominations came out today which means my list of “to see” movies just grew. And I feel obligated to rant and rave with my friends Sara Cobb and Javin Mather about who was and wasn’t nominated. : )

I’ve seen about half of the films that were nominated for “Best Picture” (and am especially looking forward to seeing “Selma” and “The Imitation Game”.) That being said, here are five best films I saw this year:

1. Boyhood

2. Wild

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel

4. The Theory of Everything

5. Interstellar

The only nomination that completely seemed odd to me was for “Best Adapted Screenplay” for “Inherent Vice”. Serena and I saw this movie last weekend. I like to think that the two of us are more educated than the average person and very capable of following a complex narrative line. But this movie was really confusing. And long. And a little self-indulgent. And it didn’t really seem to resolve. It was funny and clever at times but overall it was disappointing. Granted, I have not read the book. Perhaps the book is equally confusing and therefore the film is a good adaptation.

Oh – and I was glad to see Reece Witherspoon get the Best Actress nomination for “Wild”. She was amazing.

BTW, Inherent Vice, here is a clinic on how to resolve a really long movie:

Dana Hicks