I’m behind on my Oscar-nominated viewing but I got to see “Selma” last night. It was a powerful film very worthy of the Oscar nomination it received. It was probably the most moving film I have seen in the last year.

I was pleasantly surprised at the filmmaker’s portrayal of MLK: not simply as an activist but as a person informed by a deep Christian faith. There was a lot of scripture in the film. And a lot of preaching. I left feeling as if I had been in church.

I was deeply moved by the recounting of MLK’s call to white clergy to join him in Selma. It was a powerful image to watch them join arm and walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge together. Clergy have gotten a bad rap in recent years among a cynical public but this moment of incarnational ministry was the way it was meant to be. Salt. Light. The Kingdom of God is at hand. It was a God moment.

As I left Theater 15, in the hall of the Majestic Theater was a movie poster for one of those cheesy “Christian” films that is coming soon. The contrast between the popular, private, narcissistic Christianity on the movie poster and what I just witnessed was stark. God have mercy on us.

Dana Hicks