Notes from Africa - Saturday, July 4

“The trick about coming to Africa,” my friend Ron told me, “is that you have to wait long enough between trips so that you forget how brutal the flights are.”  It always seems to be a wonderful experience once you get here, but it’s the process that is painful.  I’m tired but things are going well on this side of planet. 

We have a good group: good chemistry, thoughtful people, and nobody who is “high maintenance.”  This is my first time being “leader” of the group.  If I were better at details, I might enjoy this role more but I find myself worrying about a lot things that normally I wouldn’t worry about. 

Of our group of 13, only four of us have been to Africa before.  So, what I am finding most enjoyable at this stage is to see Africa again through the eyes of someone who has never experienced it.  So, I would commend to you:

The official Gate OneSeventeen blog (written by Serena)

Jonathon Colburn’s blog  (Worship Pator at Salem First Church of The Nazrene, he will be teaching "Introduction to the Old Testament" to pastors from Burundi this week. 

Ben Cremer’s Facebook Page (Ben is Pastor at Boise Euclid Church of the Nazarene.  He took lots of great photos that you will want to check out.  Ben is teaching Christian Ethics in the DRC this week and The Book of Revelation next week in Rwanda)


Dana Hicks